Casey Kettler

currently testing free-agency. wordpress, web apps & wild ideas. java & javascript; beer & bicycles.


Metal Daddy

I’m doing some temp work at a local metal manufacturing shop. Prepping parts for powder coating and in some cases painting washers individually, by hand.

Brain Space

Letting go of my entrepreneurial child has left me free brain-space for the first time in years. I’m creating, recreating and reevaluating my priorities and activities.

I am also looking for the right fit for employment to get me into the web design & development field. This site is a custom wordpress build that reflects my personal style and responsive web design skills. Portfolio upload is ongoing, and I will continue to post about my journey here.

Method Life

Working at Method has been a great opportunity and a great change of pace. I have been learning about the delicate science of coffee extraction and rekindling my engagement with craft beer.

Often employees works alone and, with no vertical management structure, act as their own manager. This provides a unique set of pros and cons; but a set that I am familiar with as I attempted to create a similar structure with my previous gig, Picnicker.


The company I started 3 years ago, “Quick Release Couriers”, is still going strong but by a different name. I split the brand into restaurant delivery (Picnicker) and maintained Quick Release Couriers as a place to get other various courier work.

Now Picnicker still operates as a coalition of independent contractors: the eCommerce-based website serving as the dispatch.